Our Artists

More than two hundred experienced artist-educators help Creative Futures deliver its life changing work. They include musicians from every genre, writers, poets, visual artists, dramatists, dancers, producers and film-makers.

Every project we deliver is unique and so is each artist, so we take great care to match the best possible workshop leader to every session – and we work closely with them to ensure every day goes well. Our attention to detail is one of the things that makes Creative Futures unique, and why we command great loyalty from our artists and clients.

Here is a snapshot of some of our fantastic and inspiring artists.

Rosie Adediran
Rosie Bergonzi
Alison Blunt
Nicola Burke
Julia MacDonell
Sri McKinnon
Phoebe Osborne.jpg
Phoebe Osborne
Penny Osmond
Zoe Palmer
Tiziana Pozzo
Baden Prince
Eleanor Rashid
Sophia Sinclair.jpg
Sophia Sinclair
Kate Comberti
Lucy Drever.jpeg
Lucy Drever
Salima Gowani
Beth Higham Edwards