Looked After Children

“I think it’s one of the best things I’ve achieved in my life... Creative Futures is what got me into actually wanting to do music and I found out how much I really love music... so that’s why I’m going on to do music in college. I want to be a music therapist.”  
– Young Person

Looked After Children are statistically among the most vulnerable in society which is why at Creative Futures we have made it a strategic priority in our work.

We support the ambitions of Looked After Children and Young People through programmes which help build confidence, self-esteem, trust, resilience and responsibility; which enhance social interaction and communication skills; and above all inspire and empower our participants.

We work with young people aged 7 to 18 years through after school and holiday courses and use many genres including band-playing, composing and lyric-writing, music production, dance, street art and drama.

“W” has been making great progress expressing herself and exploring her identity and care experience during sessions. Through the design of our booklet she has been able to articulate her experience of education whilst in care and given great insight to help other young people. She has also been able to explore her identity and what’s important to her during sessions, and is becoming more secure in who she is and not so concerned with conforming to others’ expectations.” – Participation Officer for Children in Care


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