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About our training

We offer a range of Training Programmes for artist-educators, teachers and educators, with a particular specialism in Early Years. Below are some examples. Please contact us if you are interested in training but can’t see what you’re looking for, as we may well be able to help.

  • Training for artists developing their practice (Early Years & older age-groups)

  • The building blocks of music (Early Years)

  • Creating musical environments (Early Years)

  • Music and story-telling (Early Years)

  • Identifying and nurturing children’s musical play (Early Years)

  • Music and the EYFS (Early Years)

  • Designing and delivering music programmes with deaf and hearing impaired children

Previous CPD course

We recently delivered a 4-session CPD course exploring music and communication (see below for more information). If you’d be interested in this or similar training, please contact us.

Session 1:  Music and Communication
  • Learn how children use music and musical behaviour to underpin language development and social behaviours.


  • Deepen your understanding of what music and young children’s self-expressed and creative musical engagement can look like, and why it matters.


  • Learn easy tools and ideas that will be immediately useful in your settings.

Session 2: Making music accessible, inclusive and manageable in the EYFS
  • In this fun practical session exploring the elements of music, you will;

  • Increase your understanding of the application and significance of the elements of music in our observations.

  • Explore how we can support music-making in different learning spaces, manage and create an enabling musical environment.​

Session 3: The characteristics of effective learning in music
Music Class
Session 4: Music and Stories 
Preschool Class


  • This pedagogically informed session will explore the adult’s role in musical play, and sharing and sustaining children’s music thinking.

  • Develop an understanding of how to engage and support children’s musical play.​

  • Explore different ways of approaching musical activities.

  • A creative session using stories as a starting point for a musical journey that supports children’s reading, writing and language development through their imaginations and creative play.


Creative Futures has recently launched its Consultancy Service. Here are some examples of the support we can offer:

  • Advising Music Education Hubs on the development of an Early Years strategy or plan

  • Shaping and managing arts education projects, particularly in the Early Years

  • Strategic advice and support for arts or education sector organisations, particularly around arts strategies, or embedding the arts across an organisation

  • Managing projects with an interface between practice and research

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