Creative Futures has delivered a number of specialist music and arts programmes in Special Schools, and in particular with deaf children of primary and secondary age.

Sounding Out

Sounding Out was a 3-year project in 3 schools for deaf children funded by Youth Music from 2015–18. It included a strong research element to explore impacts on musical development as well as communication development, conducted by the UCL Institute of Education and the UCL Ear Institute.

The project included trialling a number of different approaches to music-making with deaf children, with specialist training and input from Music and the Deaf. What we learned from the project we developed into a free Toolkit for musicians working with deaf children, or for teachers in deaf schools keen to develop their music practice. The Toolkit can be found here.

Sounding Out (phase II) started in April 2019 in two primary schools with deaf units. Through it we will compare a singing-based approach with a more instrumental and rhythm-based programme. A supplement to the Sounding Out Toolkit will be produced in 2020.

“I can’t emphasise enough how fantastic I think the project is. My [pupils] love it and I’ve never heard deaf children singing as much as I have over the last two years. Life changing stuff.”  
– Teacher, Laycock Primary School, Islington, London

Other S.E.N.D. projects

We have delivered a number of other projects in Special Schools including with pupils with profound & multiple learning difficulties (PMLD).

“The teacher seized every opportunity to develop pupils’ skills and deepen their understanding by moving very adeptly from one activity to another and keeping a clear focus on practical activities. Pupils’ learning was exceptionally well supported by the use of pictures, signs and symbols.” – Quotation from an Ofsted inspector’s report about a Creative Futures music and movement lesson for pupils aged 11-18. The session involving young people with profound & multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) was judged “outstanding.”