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Artists and Researchers

Phoebe Osborne.jpg

Phoebe Osborne

Phoebe is a vocalist, composer and multi-instrumentalist who has been working in community and education settings for the past 8 years. Organizations have included The Roundhouse, Create Arts, Drake Music, Spitalfields Music and Creative Futures and projects have ranged from songwriting with adults with mental health problems to inclusive orchestral ensembles using assistive music technology and singing with children with hearing impairments.

Phoebe’s workshops are participant lead and tailored to their needs, ensuring ownership and empowerment, building confidence and bringing people together. Phoebe is also a speech and language therapist, and is interested in the power of music as a communication tool.


Phoebe has released several albums and continues to tour with her music project, Penniless Cove and she is currently composing the music for a verbatim piece of musical theatre exploring LGBT rights in South Wales, funded by National Theatre Wales.


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