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Artists and Researchers

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Salima Gowani

Salima Gowani is a London-based creative artist, workshop leader and songwriter who performs double bass, ukulele, electric bass guitar and sings. Her extensive performance experience in Western classical orchestras including London’s Philharmonia, Welsh National Opera and Royal Scottish National Orchestra combines with world, pop and rock concerts to influence her compositions and her style of teaching.


Salima believes in the power of music to build strong communities and families and inspire positive change. She offers bespoke music workshops for all age groups including early years under 5, primary and secondary students, university students, professionals, and elderly groups. Participants learn to be effective communicators and collaborators, and they can apply their experience to innovative problem solving in today’s world.

Salima trained at The Juilliard School (Bachelor of Music, Peter Mennin Prize) and the Guildhall School of Music & Drama (Master of Music in Leadership).

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