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A toolkit for music practitioners working with deaf students

Kathryn Mason
Tiziana Pozzo

Phoebe Osborne

This toolkit is a free resource for music practitioners and teachers working with deaf children. It has been designed as part of Creative Futures’ ongoing project ‘Sounding Out’ funded principally by the National Foundation for Youth Music, which has involved working with deaf children in both primary and secondary schools. The toolkit is primarily aimed at children aged 4-11 years, but many of the activities may also be suitable for teachers working with older deaf children.

Through this toolkit, we hope to inspire music practitioners and teachers to be bold in their music delivery with deaf children, and to ensure that deaf children have as much access to music and music-making as other children and young people.

"Our data suggests that the Sounding Out programme has been a success musically, with clear evidence of virtually all pupils achieving more advanced musical behaviours as their academic year progressed. This is very commendable and provides a solid evidential foundation from which to argue that all deaf pupils should have access to appropriate music education provision, whether in Primary or Secondary schools to support learning in and through music."


(Professor Graham Welch & Dr Jo Saunders, UCL Institute of Education, 2018)


If you would be interested in receiving any training or professional development linked to this toolkit, in order to support you or your staff in the delivery of music-making for deaf children, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss a bespoke training package for you.


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Music with Deaf Students


Warm-up activity

Foundation activity

Main activity


What is the communication style?

Minimal language

Visual aids

Areas of learning


Relationship between movement & language

Executive functions

Proprioception & motor skills

Things to consider

Duration of the activity


Using instruments

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TIP 01@4x.png
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