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Artists and Researchers

Katie Mason picture.jpg

Katie Mason

Katie is a developmental psychologist, researcher and musician with over 12 years’ experience in developmental, cognitive and educational research. Her work focuses on how children acquire language, thinking and problem-solving skills (known as executive functions), and the underlying mechanisms that make some activities particularly effective in supporting these areas of development. She completed her doctorate at University College London in 2017, where she designed and evaluated the effect of a music-based intervention on deaf children’s executive function skills. Katie has always been driven to explore the potential for music training to grow and reinforce key cognitive skills throughout the lifespan, and is dedicated to conducting research with a collaborative approach, working with Deaf and hearing teachers, musicians, artists, other practitioners and young people. In 2018, she co-founded the research group ‘Music and Cognition’ with Alice Bowmer, which aims to understand and explain the impact that music and the arts can have on young people’s development.

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