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Artists and Researchers

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Rosie Adediran

Rosie is a singer, songwriter and music leader, specialising in working with babies, young children and parents, delivering projects for renowned organisations as well as spearheading projects of her own design and delivery.


For example 'London Rhymes' ( was first piloted in 2015, and it has since grown across London in partnership with Creative Futures - singing and songwriting projects with groups of parents and babies. The focus is collaborative songwriting between parents, Rosie and fantastic musicians in the creation of new rhymes, songs and sounds for everyday family life. In March 2019, the 'London Rhymes' YouTube channel was launched.


She also loves musical storytelling, and has been involved in immersive theatre for under 3's with 'Wonderful Beast' theatre company. She is currently developing a new series of interactive musical storytelling workshops written for young children and their parents to experience and enjoy together.


Rosie blogs about her experiences with all things music, singing and children, at

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